"My daughter Eleanor has been attending Art of Dance twice a week for 5 years now. Under Michelle's teaching she has come on leaps and bounds and has a fantastic time learning her fresh and new imaginative ideas. She's very encouraging and can adapt to different children's requirements. The kids respond fantastically to her and all really enjoy the lessons. They do Summer and Easter camps where the children can take home a DVD of their performance and show off to their parents what they've learnt throughout the week, a great souvenir!"
Kathy, Mum of Eleanor (8 years), Lewes
"I often recommend Art of Dance to other mums. The teachers are great; they are really sweet and lovely. They make the classes really engaging and they have a brilliant way with the children. My daughter always has great fun and come out really enthusiastic about what she has learnt. There is a real sense of accomplishment about the lessons as they put on end of term performances for the parents."
Mica, mum of one from Lewes
"Michelle is such a fantastic teacher - my daughter has been having dance lessons there for the last 3-4 years and Michelle is so attentive to ALL the children in the school - she knows how well they dance, why they dance and their strengths and weaknesses - my daughter adores her!"
Rooth, Mum of 9 year old daughter, Lewes
"Michelle is amazing with the children. My daughter loves her ballet class."
Mum in Lewes
"My daughter has taken a variety of classes with Michelle, for the last four years. She has gone from being a beginner to a very happy grade 4 ballet dancer. She loves going, and says she likes Michelle's classes because 'they are fun and you learn!'. Thank you Michelle."
Jennifer, mother of three, Lewes
"I really love dancing here it is so much fun and you learn so many new things.I can't explain how much I love art of dance..."
"My daughter has loved Michelle's classes. We strayed away for one term, but came right back. Michelle has a way of infecting the children with a love of dance, keeping it light and fun, whilst firmly keeping boundaries. She arrives in leotard, looking like a dancer, (when some teachers of other establishments don't!). She never shames children, always helps and encourages, forgives when an item of clothing is forgotten, lends what she can, laughs and moves WITH the children to inspire generously. She also listens to them, and what they want to do, to try and with classes that aren't over crowded, she knows them all by name and can pay attention to their individual needs and idiosyncrasies. Hence, they feel known, and understood, and my daughter, though giving up end of this term will miss her deeply as a major part of her early life. THANKS Michelle, for everything!"
Jonathan (not a mum)
"These classes have inspired a real joy of dance in my daughter. Thank you so much."
Mum in Lewes
"Really fun ballet classes. The class is made really fun and enjoyable at the same time as following the Royal Academy of Dance curriculum for various grades."
Anne in Lewes
"Dance is not just for girls! Tim has been learning Tap with Michelle for the last three years; she has been brilliant at encouraging his confidence and making him realise that he is a talented dancer in the warm, friendly, encouraging, fun environment which she generates. He also takes a vibrant Street Class with Sara, which he thoroughly enjoys in the same spirit."
Suzanne, Mum of Tim (12)
"My daughter has been dancing with Art of Dance for 3 years and she finds it really enjoyable. She is in the teenage group. They do contemporary dance and their teacher is great! Art of Dance is not just for younger children - teenagers enjoy it too."
Alison, mum of Frankie (16)
"Michelle provides a friendly and competent service and makes lesson fun."
Jennifer, Lewes
"Excellent teacher with the young children. Good value - very happy with the service."
Andrew, Lewes
"We changed to Art of Dance from another local dance school after my daughter attended a summer dance camp. What she learned in one week there was more than the entire previous year at the last place. Michelle has a lovely mannerism that engages the girls. Lessons are fun BUT this is a progressive school and achievement is exciting and to be celebrated. Under Michelle's tutelage my daughter has become dance mad - even at 5, she understands the purpose, there is an aim, a target and the children in classes all develop good relationships with each other. Michelle's environment is fun and happy, children can express themselves but she has excellent control and as a parent, it is obvious Michelle knows what she's talking about!"
Melanie, Mum of one 5 year old

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